Hi Jurgen. I see how tops are enforcing agile everywhere. Instead of bottom up approach with individuals that matter, we have crazy managers trying to save their jobs by exercising power to lead and conteol something that clearly in conflict with their control. So, that’s agile game in corporations turned to be unhuman experiments by people with no human touch - the dead end.

Managers are addicted to metrics and KPI, often missing the rationale behind that. They are already playing the boring corporate game at day and much more stimulating Skyrim at night. I don’t see they have any dopamine left to interact with boring characters, and even pay for that, so that’s a dead end too.

Where to go? I think the Agility Stuff is ready to tackle the topic that it always ignored — the money. Not the usual like dollars, but separate stream of money that every person in a team can control to influence their outside environment. It is hard, emotinal topic, because it is vital, and what’s why it will work with breaking the established dophamine cycle. Do not approach them big, start with blockchain 101 and let it play.

Money is just a piece of the puzzle, a tool, but not the reason to play. People with money are still unhappy. Having three weeks vacation, afraid to lose the job, and watching your downshifted friends travelling over the world is just one example. Going over the news over climate is another. No wonder people choose to ignore everything outside, and you propose what? I’d propose the global game, where the job inside the company is the tool to change the world ouside. A fight club, where the fight is taken over to climate change and all these global suatainability goal that get a lot of big talks, but no jupyter notebooks and actionable items.

You will be much more useful there than trying to climb your own mountain. )


Devil’s Advocate

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